At Malach, we provide welding services for demanding medical, automotive and telecommunication applications.

The future is here!

Both our plants are equipped with a KukaTM Welding Robot. KukaTM Welding Robots offer maximum productivity and optimal welding quality – with the lowest operating costs and simplest operator control.

Our skilled technicians use modern MIG, TIG and resistance welding equipment to weld a wide range of materials, from very light gauge to heavy gauge products. We have a qualified, professional CWB Certified welding supervisor on staff to manage the department.

View our Canadian Welding Bureau certificate

Our sixteen welding and grinding bays are equipped with both MIG and TIG welding capability to provide the flexibility to weld complex weldments in a variety of sizes, ten of which have overhead crane service. Malach has the capability of welding metal as thin as 28 gauge up to 1" along with thin gauge aluminum. Our highly trained welders are experienced in developing welding solutions for metal parts manufactured from steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

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