What is the thickest material you can cut?                                                                                                                                     
Carbon steel .75", Stainless .50", Aluminum .375"

What is your maximum part size?                                                                                                       
Our lights-out punching and laser cells can handle up to 60" x 120" sheets. Our forming department can form up 12' long, and our powder line can accommodate a part 36" x 72" x 144".

What type of pretreatment do you use on your powder line?                                       
Malach Metal & Machining has opted to use Zirconization in place of conventional phosphate-based pretreatments.

Conventional phosphate-based pretreatments 
(i.e., iron phosphate and zinc phosphate) have been the primary conversion coating of choice for about 100 years. With Zirconization, zirconium oxide replaces the iron phosphate in the conversion coating. There are several reasons why this is beneficial. First, phosphorus is becoming more restricted because it supports algae growth in ponds, lakes, and other waterways. Excess algae growth contributes to hypertrophy
. A second environmental benefit is the reduced demand for process heating; the zirconium pretreatments do not require heating, so they are more cost-effective to operate than processes that require 100–160°F. Finally, the zirconium oxide conversion coating provides excellent corrosion resistance properties to steel and aluminum

What types of files do you need for quoting purposes? 
PDF of all parts including sub-components. 
DXF of all sheet metal parts to allow us to optimize material utilization. 
STEP file for assemblies to allow us to check for any missing details. 
Any specifications related to material, special instructions and finishing.

What are your standard shop tolerances used if defined by Customer?

Malach Standard Tolerances
Imperial Metric
.x ± .060 x.x ± 1.5
.xx ± .030 x.xx ± 0.5
.xx ± .015  
Angles ± 1.0°
Holes + .005"/-.003"

Do you have a QMS (Quality Management System)?           
Malach's QMS is registered to ISO:9001:2015 and assessed by CWB Registration.

Does Malach have any welding certifications?                                       
Malach is certified to CSA Standard W47.1 Division 2 by CWB.