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Malach Metal & Machining is a  Comprehensive Solutions Provider.

               It's ALL About Partnerships                                                                      WHY Chose Malach Metal?
  • It's About understanding the Customer Supply + Demand                                                   ♦ Our Technical Processes are Creative, Innovative and State-of-the-Art
  • It's about being accountable to -you- the customer                                                              ♦ We Measure OTD + Productivity - These KPI's hold us accountable to the Customer.
  • It’s about Quality, being Authentic and Honest with out Customer                                       ♦ We Maximize our LEAN + CI Manufacturing Principles all day-everyday

 Our team of industry professionals constantly communicates with our partners — our customers — to determine how we may best suit their needs. Then we design, cut, lathe, machine, paint, assemble and deliver anything they can dream up… all under one roof

With high-tech solutions to design, build and assemble custom parts, we are your Comprehensive Solutions Provider. 


WE ARE INNOVATORS - NOW INTRODUCING Malach Metal's NEW line of POOL PANELS Manufactured with14-Gauge Galvanized Steel!

  • Our technical processes are intelligent, innovative and state-of-the-art.

  • We consistently deliver the highest quality — on time and on budget.
  • Our team of experts proudly provide accurate estimates and cost-effective solutions
We’re looking for partnerships.
We consider ourselves partners in our customers’ projects.
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Experts that accomplish everything in-house from start to finish.
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