With locations in Winnipeg, Canada and Valley City, USA, Malach boasts 122,750 sq. ft. of combined manufacturing, storage, and office space and a growing team of over 116 employees.

We equip our facilities with the latest state-of-the-art laser cutting, punch and brake technologies, including Malach's new Night Train Flexible Manufacturing System. With over 250 storage cassettes, this is among North America's most advanced automated fabrication and material handling cells.

As a genuine One-Stop-Shop, we offer CNC Machining services, including production and welding fixture design and build and Powder Coating and Wet Spray Facilities.

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Winnipeg, MB CANADA

Winnipeg, MB CANADA
Valley City, ND USA

Valley City, ND USA
Laser Laser machines (60x120 sheet size):
Mild Steel – 0.75”, Stainless Steel – 0.50” and Aluminum – 0.25” thick.
Laser machine (6000 watts) (60x144 sheet size) :
Mild Steel - 1.0”, Stainless Steel – 0.75” and Aluminum – 0.60” thick.
Shear Genius Punch Punch machine :
Mild Steel – 12Ga, Stainless – 14Ga (Shear/ emboss/ blank/ counter sink, etc.)
Forming Department Cincinnati press brake machines – 12ft (230T), 8ft (90T) & 4ft (60T) and Bystronic hydraulic press brake machines – 4ft (40T) & 10ft (150T) CNC multi-axis press brake machines – 14ft (200T), 12ft (150T) & 6ft (60T) and Hydraulic machine – 12ft (150T)
Welding Department Dedicated weld stations with Mig, Tig welding setup (CWB certified, CSA W47.1) along with spot/ projection welder (50kVA and 100kVA) capabilities.
8-axis robotic welding.
Dedicated weld stations (pulse capable Mig welder) with overhead crane facility, spot welders (50 & 75kVA), Al Mig and Al-Tig welder along with one 6-axis – pulse capable MIG welding robot along with 2 tilt/ rotate trunnions for a part size up to 10ft long.

HAAS ST30Y Lathe (18”x23”) and HAAS VF-2 Vertical machining centers (30”x16”x20”) are available , along with a complete manual machining setup

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HAAS ST30Y Lathe (18”x23”) with HAAS VF-2 (30”x16”x20”)
and HAAS VF-6 (64”x32”x30”) Vertical machining centers available along with complete manual machining setup.

Malach Metal USA : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.