Our focus on innovative technology and automation means we are constantly looking for new ways to streamline production processes and decrease turnaround time while maintaining quality, consistency and control.

From the very beginnings of our process, Malach utilizes computerized, real-time MRP tracking and scheduling software to fulfill customer MRP, forecast and release processing needs. Work orders are tracked with our barcode system, which efficiently routes your job through our facility.

We can interface with our clients through an Electronic Data Interchange, which gives us real-time, reliable access to their factory schedules and time frames.

We use the latest in high-tech software to meet your sheet metal fabrication and machining needs. Our software includes AutoCADTM, SolidWorksTM, NC ExpressTM, OctopuzTM. Our solid modelling capability ensures that many parameters – such as fit between assemblies and formability – conform to specifications. This step occurs before actual fabrication begins so that we can save time and money during fabrication!