Total quality assurance is the cornerstone of our operations. At every stage of a project — from R&D and planning to design, production, sales and delivery — we guarantee high quality, cost-effective parts and products that meet safety and functionality standards and are delivered on time.

Our Quality Assurance Program

Since 2002 we have worked in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001. Through this, we ensure careful, thorough quality planning and execution of all production stages, resulting in manufactured excellence for our customers.

We don’t just correct mistakes. We learn from them and implement new and improved methods of doing things right.

For over 51 years our focus has been on continuous improvement and expansion of processes and capabilities with increased quality at the forefront of every decision we make. Our partnerships with our long-term customers prove this and attest to our staff’s commitment to quality at all levels.

Our Delivery Program

We have several levels of scheduling available, including:

  • 2 Day Expedited Delivery
  • 1 Week Expedited Delivery
  • 3 Weeks Standard Delivery

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View our ISO:9001 2015 Canada and US certification

Quality Assurance


Meeting and exceeding customer requirements and expectations is our commitment. We also aim to comply with all requirements (including legal requirements) of the companies we do business with.

Aim to continually enhance the service we provide through the use of best practices at all levels and ensure reliable risk management to continuously improve the way we build and deliver our products.

Lead in creating and maintaining a work environment where everyone in our organization is fully involved in achieving our quality objectives and targets.

Achieve our commitment to delivering quality, cost-effective parts and products.

Continually improve our quality management system and ensure it remains effective.

Help develop employees’ skills and competence to effectively meet the needs of our partners in business, our customers.