We are continually improving our internal processes within our Brakes Department by adding new technology and utilizing revolutionary production techniques. This reduces set-up time and increases efficiency through the achievement of dependable repeatability in complex precision products.

Features of CNC high-speed press brakes:

  • 1 Trumpf TruBlend 5170: Capacity 170 tons x 14ft
  • 1 Cincinnati 230T: Capacity 230 tons x 12ft
  • 1 HTC: Capacity 150 tons x 12ft
  • 1 Cinncinnati 135T: Capacity 130 tons x 10ft
  • 1 Durma: Capacity 66 tons x 8ft
  • 2 Cinncinnati 90T: Capacity 90 tons x 8ft
  • 2 Cinncinnati 60T: capacity 60 tons x 4ft
  • Handle very tight tolerances
  • Extensive array of precision ground tooling

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