The C.L. Malach Company Ltd. opened its doors in 1962. Back then, we operated as successful heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) business. After sixteen years, the McIvor family, headed by Hamish McIvor, purchased the company, maintaining the original name and focus. After his passing in 1997, and under the direction of his son Bruce McIvor, Malach restructured and incorporated as C.L. Malach Company (1997) Ltd.

By the early 2000's we had evolved from being strictly an HVAC concern to specializing in custom sheet metal fabrication, machine and tool and die building/fixture building. Throughout the 2000s, as we grew, we expanded our manufacturing facilities and added staff and services while keeping an eye on industry trends and cutting-edge technology, which meant adding a new Powder Coating Facility and FinnPower lasers and expanding to a location in the USA. The late 2000s saw both sites achieve ISO 9001:2008 quality registration and develop a new management and production system — LEAN Initiative; process (machining) expansion.


Innovative solutions, quality workmanship and outstanding customer relationships prove our 'Metal'! We are proud to have grown into the preferred supplier of fabricated metal products and supply chain solutions to the OEM, transportation, agricultural, heavy construction, and medical / electronics industries.

With locations on both sides of the Canada / US border, Malach offers a significant service advantage in capacity, flexibility and cost savings. Our cross-border capability also allows our US customers to meet Buy America contract requirements.

We employ the Lean Manufacturing style of management, a systematic method for minimizing waste within a manufacturing system without sacrificing productivity. This Initiative is designed to provide added value for our customers through increased efficiency in production.

We are indeed a Comprehensive Solutions Provider — we do everything from start to finish under our roof, adding to our high level of agility and efficiency. Our location sizes and advanced technology allows us to produce products and parts on a massive scale if need be. We are ISO certified, certified to CWB and AWS.


As we look to the future, we continue to maintain our well-earned reputation as a world-class supplier of metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing to our many partners — our valued clients. We remain committed to supplying them with new, innovative and ground-breaking solutions and technologies. At the same time, we are looking to create new partnerships with customers in other industries, and we are focused on discovering and implementing new solutions and systems to do just that. Our goal? To become the number one choice for sheet metal fabrication services across North America!


The Malach Timeline
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  • C.L. Malach Company Ltd. opens for business, named after the original owner.
  • The company relocates to a 9720 sq. ft. facility at its present-day Winnipeg location.
  • McIvor Family purchases HVAC business from original owner; retains old name.
  • The company mourns the passing of its president / owner Hamish McIvor.
  • The business restructures under the leadership of Bruce McIvor and newly incorporates as C.L. Malach Company (1997) Ltd. Purchases assets and begins the new era of metal fabrication.
  • Main manufacturing area expands into a brand new 120x100 (12000 sq. ft.) addition.
  • Registered ISO 9000:2001
  • The main manufacturing area is expanded again from 12000 sq. ft. to 19200 sq. ft.
  • Powder Coating Facility becomes fully operational with a new dedicated 7000 sq. ft.
  • Finn-Power Multi-Axis E. Brake installed, First Finn Power 4000 kw laser installed.
  • Second Finn-Power 4000 kw laser with 300 Sheer Storage Cassettes & Night Train
    Automation installed. Malach expands into the United States by acquiring a facility in Valley City, ND.
  • Main manufacturing area for Canadian facility expands from 19200 sq. ft. to 51200 sq. ft. Finn-Power Shear Genius shear/punch acquired and Finn-Power Night train system extended. One 12" 230 ton, one 8" and two 4" Cincinnati Press Brakes acquired. ERP Management System implemented. New two-story (8375 sq. ft.) office added in Winnipeg. USA facility achieves ISO 9001:2000 Registration.
  • Quality registration upgraded to ISO 9001:2008 for both Winnipeg and Valley City locations
  • Management and production system developed; LEAN initiative; process (machining) expansion. Tool and die-making capabilities as well as fixture building are added.
  • CNC Machining with vertical mills and lathes added.
  • CNC 6-axis Press Brakes are added: 165 ton X 10ft and 44 ton X 3ft
  • 6000kw fiber laser added to our fully-automated material handling system.
  • Robotic Welding in Valley City and Automated Powder line in Winnipeg
  • Robotic Welding to Winnipeg
  • Upgraded ERP system to JobBOSS company-wide
  • CMM