We use Solidworks™ 3D solid modelling software to ensure that every part we manufacture is reconstructed and analyzed against the customer requirements or printed before it gets onto the shop floor. We can import engineering models from virtually any CAD platform.

Solid Modeling

Your parts are created and assembled using solid modelling software to assure fit, function, clearances and tolerances. This model serves as the foundation for all CNC programming, which means what you see on the screen is what you get as a finished part.

Reverse Engineering

If you need parts that do not have drawings available, we can reverse engineer  the part and create a drawing to your specifications.


Our experienced programmers employ proven programming principles combined with Finn-Power NC ExpressTM  latest software to ensure consistent parts are produced at competitive prices. NC Express integrates part creation and nesting as well as being a fully automated machine tool management system.


Our software nests a part to ensure the highest material utilization is achieved and the fastest tool path is taken, ensuring the manufacture of your parts is speedy and cost-effective through efficient use of materials and time.

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